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My dog has a sore on her paw. What to do?

My dog has a sore on the side of her front paw. I only just noticed it yesterday. When we first got Sharna she had the same thing. We have some anti inflamatory cream which we might try on her paw. Do you have any other suggestions to help it heal? She keeps licking it which is starting to make it worse.

Asked by Shandi *Oct 2006 - Aug 2012* on Mar 26th 2008 Tagged sore, paw, wound in Alternative Treatments
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Haus R.I.P. my boy I miss you

Jack is right you should have your dog checked before applying anything that doesn't belong to that individual dog.
What type of sore is it? A cut a scrape or something created by licking?
I love your dogs ridge on her back!It's pretty neat.It looks weird to see it on a black dog LOL.
But it is cool that trait came out on your dog.
You can also safely use Benedryl for your dog.It is normally 1-2mg per pounds,so a 50 pound dog would get 50mg.Up to 3 times a day.Start at the lower dose and if it doesn't help your dog stop licking you can go to the next higher dose. Your dog may benefit from oral antibiotics as well.Topicals are tough because if a dog is already licking and injest some of the cream then you have another problem. So try to stick with oral stuff unless your Vet is going to wrap the wound.

Haus R.I.P. my boy I miss you answered on Mar 26th.

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It depends on what kind of sore it is....if it is a cut, then putting something on it might make it worse.

Personally, I'd call the vet before you try anything that was prescribed for your other dog on her paw. I know it seems logical to put a cream that was prescribed for a similar cirucmstance on her paw, but you just never know. And, to me, it's not worth it to take a chance that things might be worsened.

Chances are, the vet can help you bandage the paw until it heals and either approve the use of the inflammatory cream or prescribe something they feel is more appropriate for Shandi.

Good luck....hope her paw heals fast!

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