My dog got neutered two days ago he's eating weird stuff is that normal?

He's been completely normal, playing fine, water and food fine. He ate a cotton pad with fingernail polish and remover on it. He would NEVER go around the smell of them before he got neutered.

Asked by Member 1197088 on Oct 31st 2013 in Spaying & Neutering
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Tasha (in memory)

That stuff is toxic and smells like ammonia so he obviously is not as well as he is leading you to believe. Watch him closely and if he starts behaving strangely, I would take him in to see the vet. I would also call the number of the ASPCA poison control hotline and see if there could be any intestinal damage fgrom the ingestion... Happy Howli-days

Tasha (in memory) answered on 12/18/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer