my dog eats twice a day,and igive her alittle more than a 12cup of food and yet as soon as shes done she looks for more

parsons terrier mix , approx 3 years old , from a shelter, is she just greedy or is she really hungry ? shes about 30 pounds right now & she is spayed .

Asked by Member 1073170 on Dec 17th 2011 in Food & Nutrition
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I would give her 2 cups of food for each meal, 1/2 cup isn't enough in my opinion. Some dogs just eat more than other's, same for people. All dogs will eat a different amount of food.

Try feeding her a high quality food as well. I recommend feeding Orijen, Solid Gold, Timberwolf Organics or Honest Kitchen. I heard that dogs who are fed a low quality food eat more than dogs who are fed a high quality food.

Read this article here about what's really in pet food -

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