My dog developed a seroma after being spayed,it was drained but is coming back, she was given Clavamox. Will this help?

She is a seven month old puppy spayed on 3/13. All was fine until Saturday night. She stretched and started bleeding, then Sunday she started running around like a maniac. She was back to her "normal" self. She is an eskimo/poodle mix. Very active and near impossible to keep her as still as she should be. One of her staples popped out on Sunday and some bleeding occurred. Monday after, I noticed slight swelling and had gradually progressed by Tuesday. The vet said she developed a Seroma, and he drained it. Gave me Clavamox and sent me home. The Seroma seems to be coming back, is this normal? Will the antibiotic actually help reduce it? I'm so stressed and worried about her, I have barely gotten any sleep worrying that something severe is wrong with her. She shows no signs of pain or discomfort, there is not discharge and the incision itself looks great! Please help, and advice or guidance would be extremely appreciated.

Asked by Member 609724 on Mar 19th 2008 Tagged seromaafterspaying in Spaying & Neutering
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Hi, I was spayed as well a month ago. They did the internal stitches and glued the top layer. Well after the second day the glued area popped open and it was horrible for my mommy. My mommy and daddy rushed me to the emergency clinic and they stapled me shut, gave me antibiotics to take. Within a couple of days I developed a seroma near the incision site, I had it drained and was told it might come back which it did. I also ended up with a Seroma on the back of my neck due to the antibiotic shot. This too was drained and came back a little smaller. Both of these Seroma's did go away and I am totally fine now. The vet gave my mom some pills to sedate me for about 5 days which really helped calm me down so I could heal. My mom was so stressed out and worried about me. Maybe your vet could offer a sedative to calm you some so you can heal. This sounds very much like what happened to me. The seroma's did go away. Get soon well little one.

Athena answered on Mar 19th.

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A simple "spay" surgery is actually an ovario"hysterectomy". If you equate this to human medicine, the surgery itself is VERY complicated! And, although rare, complications are bound to erupt.

A "seroma" is a VERY common occurrence following any surgery, and is relatively harmless. It is simply a pocket of plasma that is often absorbed by the body, in time. In rare cases a hardened "knot" of calcified tissue may remain. Though, even in this latter case, it is nothing to be overly concerned about.

It is most important that you keep your female pet CONFINED for at LEAST 5-7 days post-spay to prevent complications (like seromas, hematomas, dehissing of incision sites, swelling, etc.)

Although most pet owners are very lax when it comes to post-surgery recovery (even though their vet has informed them to keep their pet under strict activity restriction), the majority of dogs (and cats) heal uneventfully. But PLEASE, to prevent even slight complications, FOLLOW YOUR VET'S ADVICE!!!

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