My dog cut her front paw pad. What should it look like when healed?

6 month old german short-haired pointer. The
vet stiched a good inch but it looks like its open - not much, if any blood now. Was bandaged and coned for a couple weeks. Very hyper dog, needs to exercise and confining her is almost impossible...for instance she'll paw at her crate to get out. We can't be with her 24/7.
It doesn't seem to bother her at all - certainly not slowing her down nor is she limping.

Asked by Member 655111 on Jul 14th 2008 in Other Health & Wellness
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If we humans ran around all day barefoot, we would have to endure frequent foot injuries. So instead we wear shoes and boots to protect ourselves against the terrain, weather, and other hazards. Dogs, on the other hand, typically do not wear any sort of footwear and are continuously exposed to a variety of potentially dangerous conditions. This is especially true for adventurous dogs that enjoy spending plenty of time outdoors. For these animals, paw injuries are quite common and have numerous potential causes and sources. Yet, even less active canines are quite susceptible to sustaining paw injuries of different types. While the symptoms and warning signs will vary depending upon the type of injury that has occurred, most dogs experiencing a problem with one of their paws will favor that paw, limping and showing a reluctance to use the affected leg or foot. Thus, favoring a paw is the main warning sign of a dog paw injury while additional general symptoms include whining, pacing,etc.

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