My dog bites other dogs. What can I do?

We keep our dog away from other dogs but if one runs towards her she will bite the dog on or around the face and not let go. She doesn't growl or anything. She just grabs them. What can we do to stop this? We don't plan on having her hang around other dogs just for in situations that are unavoidable like at the vet or when people are walking their dogs past our house!

We adopted her as a two year old and all we know is that she was a house pet. The owners moved and couldn't take her with them. She is a lab mix. We think she is mixed with chow chow.

Asked by Member 842217 on Jun 2nd 2009 Tagged biting in Socialization
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Why can she get to other dogs walking by your yard? She needs to be behind a fence. A muzzle for the vet. Her life depends on getting this problem figured out, she can get put to sleep for biting another dog.

Member 836390 answered on 6/2/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer