Sugar the second

My dog bites other dogs!!

Also when my friend brings his 2 dogs over,he has a terrier mix and a lab.My dog does nothing to the terrier but he always tried to nip and bite at the lab.Why?And how do I make him get along with other dogs??I'm thinking of bringing a new dog and I need to change his behavier ASAP!!

Asked by Sugar the second on Jan 6th 2008 Tagged chihuahuamix, bite, other, fix in Aggression
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I'm sorry to be blunt, but you have a very serious problem in the making. It is important to understand the distinction between play biting and aggressiv biting.

Unfortunatley, without seeing the behavior, nobody on Dogster Answers is going to be able to adequately answer your question.

I would seek the help of a professional trainer or behavioralist to find out what kind of biting is taking place and how you can move forward with a training regimine to stop it in its tracks, no matter what it is.

If you're inexperienced with this sort of thing, you need to be sure you take the right course of action so that the situation doesn't get worse by inadverently doing the wrong thing.

Also, if he's biting people, as you suggest in your other question, this is an even more serious problem.

I would not advise that you even consider bringing a new dog into your home until you sort out the problems you have going on right now.

Good luck!

Jack answered on Jan 6th.

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