My dog barks at people and wont let them rub him. What can i do to get him to like strangers?

My dog is a Chihuahua and wont let people pet him. I've tried to get the people to give he treats and he wont take them. Were going to my dads this summer and i dont whant him to bark the whole time PLEASE HELP

Asked by Jax on May 12th 2009 in Socialization
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Your dog is obviously anxious around people. (The fact that he won't take treats demonstrates this.) The problem isn't with your dog - it's the fact that people think they should be able to approach and pet any dog that comes around. Your dog needs time to warm up to people. That means people need to ignore him until he approaches them. And when I say ignore, that means don't look at, don't touch, don't talk to. I know it is hard to get people to do that, but it really works. Rusty used to sound like he wanted to tear people's heads off. A week ago Saturday I had 7 people over to visit. I still enforced a "no petting" rule, but I was actually able to let him off the leash to mingle. And once he got used to them, he stopped barking at all. The whole process takes time - but you need to decide whether it is more important to protect your dog, or to have him quiet and letting people pet him.

Rusty answered on 5/12/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


One mistake some people make when getting chiuahuas or smaller breeds is they carry them whever they go making them feel protected once they aren't in the safety net of your arms it can be overwhelming and scary...let the smaller breeds walk on a lead and experience the world and everyday things...socialization is key :) the ignore rule is a good tip :)

Member 835598 answered on 5/12/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer