my dog barks at every little noise. how can i make her stop?

ok my dog is nuts! she'll bark at every little noise inside or outside. sometimes she'll look out the window and bark at nothing. it drives me crazy because when she barks its really loud and she runs back & forth and she'll knock things over! ive tried everything from lemons to the sour apple squirts to the eletro. collor to the muzzle. they all worked at frist but after time she gets use to it. then shell keep barking! please i need help!

Asked by Precious on Jul 3rd 2008 Tagged help, stop, barking, ivetriedeverything, how, allthetime in Barking
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We are in the same predicament. Although my Tiffy has calmed down her barking significantly. We live in a mobile park home cirlce and you can hear every little noise from the neighbors and we also live right off the main road, so you can hear all the trucks and people's exhaust and everythin. Tiffy used to go completely crazy because she thought it was someone coming to our house. Now when she thinks she hear something, she'll give a little bark and maybe a growl and I tell her "It's nobody outside" and she stops. Her loud and obnoxious barking went on for a while. When she made this a habit, she would have to get in her kennel until she calmed down. She quickly learned that every noise she hears is not someone at the door. How long has Precious been doing this? Does she know the word "no". You might want to try obedience classes if nothing else works. Don't get too frustrated because I know the feeling.

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That sounds as if she is afraid.Does she show any other sights of fear?Some dogs don't show fear in the same way.One way of showing fear's symptoms is what you said barking at any noise and also hiding under tables or behind the couch for example.That's the one thing.
Now,there's another way of showing fear.That contains the crazy barking and also being aggresive to other people or animals.

If you think that the problem is one of the two I described then your dog needs to be socialized with many different kinds of people and animals.Additional you can put some sound on your computer and let them play very low at first.If she doesn't react to that that's good.Slowly you turn on the volume but that is gonna take days.

Pmail me if more help is needed
I hope that that will help

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I am going through the same thing and I have three pups. Recently I am home alot more and I am trying to use signs and sounds for mine. I know dogs can understand signs like as in sign language. I am using the "quite" sign which you can look up on line to see it. Also, I am also clapping my hands loudly immeidately upon them barking and stepping in front of them and the window and I make them leave the window. My purpose is to claim that window as mine and also to let them know I am in charge and I am protecting them not them protecting me.
It is slowly getting better but as I say again and again, they are like kids, they need consistency.

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Stevie Ray

Stevie Ray is a big time barker too. He gets cranked up about just about anything. I've started using "Shh!" when he starts up and it's beginning to work. Just be consistent.

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My yorkshire terrier used to drive me crazy. He we would bark at everything that went by my house. I realized that it is in their dna to bark, but I quickly realized that the upside to having a quiet dog was much better than having a sensitive burglar alarm.
I would definitely recommend a bark control collar.

I am an affiliate of petsmart. My site address is I get a commission if you purchase a bark control collar through me. Petsmart offers high quality "Pet Safe" Bark Control Collars.

I never used a spray bark control, but I know today's shock collar work and most of the devices these days use the least strength shock that will not harm the dog, but will also be effective at the same time.

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