My dog ate spoiled ground beef and now has diarrea, what can I do for her?

I was cleaning out my fridge before going grocery shopping and noticed some ground beef I had forgotten about. It was about a week past due and there was about 2lb left, so I took it out and set it on the counter thinking "I need to make sure I don't let Trixie get to this." Unfortunately, I forgot to throw it away in the outdoor trash and left it on the counter when I went grocery shopping and got home 30 minutes later to Trixie vommiting and about 1lb of ground beef scattered across the kitchen floor. This was yesterday morning. Yester day she had very liquid diarrea three times in the house(She is potty trained and has not had an accident in the 4 months I've owned her). During the night she has had diarrea twice. I don't get paid until thursday and I used all my money on bills the last pay check so I'm really worried. i only have $40 dollars until thursday. Is there anything I can do until I take her to the vet thursday? She is 7 months, female, 40lb, shepherd mix.

Asked by Member 973915 on Mar 15th 2010 Tagged diarrea, rotten, spoiled, meat in Other Health & Wellness
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I would withhold food until she settles down. It sounds like she is doing a good job purging herself of the meat. Even if it was only old and not spoiled, too much of something different can cause digestive upsets.

Let me paste in some help on cleaning up.

A couple big putty knives work well on bowel movements. Just slide one under it while holding it with the other. This gets it up with a minimum of pushing it down into the carpet. This works with even relatively soft ones, vomit, dirt from over turned house plants, or anything else from solids to thick liquids. Finish up with a good shot of carpet foam.

Aster answered on 3/15/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer


She would have had the diarrhea from eating that much ground beef all at once, even if it wasn't spoiled! Don't feed her anything for 12 hours, then start with a small amount of boiled chicken and rice. She should be fine as soon as she gets it out of her system, which it sounds like she is doing on her own!!!

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I agree without food until her tummy settles. My vet always recommends 12-24 hours depending on how severe the diarrhea or vomitting is. Then you can give her some boiled chicken and rice for a day or 2 for her meals. Boiled extra lean hamburger and rice can also be used.
I don't think a vet visit is required. This is just a case of her eating something that doesn't agree with her and diarrhea is par for the course.
My first dog Bear ate a pork roast I placed on the counter and he had diarrhea throughout the night, I felt so sorry for him but he was just fine.
Her going in the house was an accident. She needed to go NOW, it isn't her fault. Simply clean up any messes without saying anything or scolding. BM's can be urgent at times, even for us humans when we are sick.
Allow her tummy to settle, feed chicken/rice and give her lots of love. She'll be feeling much better soon.
Have a good one.

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You can also give her gatorade and plain yogurt (1tbls at a time) to add back electrolytes to her system and healthy bacteria. The yogurt will also help decrease the gas smell.

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let her stomach settle some. She might have gotten some of the packaging in her gut so let her go without food for a few hours and let her get the rich meat out of her stomach.
Just give some fresh water.
If you think none of the wrapper was ate she should be fine.
My dogs eat raw meat daily for their diet and 1 week old ground meat is not going to hurt her.
If you got one tablespoon of plain yogurt you can give that to coat her tummy til a few hours of no food.
let us know what happens.
take care

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I give my dogs raw bones and sometimes they go bury them. Well when they dig them up, they are rotten. My 3 month old lab almost died from dehydration from the bacteria. Dehydration is the main concern. They dont want to eat or drink. Vets could not help him...albon..antibiotics...IV..everything.
So...I researched nausea and ended up doing the medical marijuana thing...that saved my dogs life.
It was a matter of life and death and I dont want to hear criticism for this. I am a big animal lover and would never do anything to harm my pets. I dont recommend doing this right away, if you suspect dehydration give them just enough to ease the nausea so they can drink. I got under a blanket and blew it in his ear and tried to keep smoke in there (do not feed the herb to your pet for toxin reasons!). I dont smoke that stuff and really had to search for can just fill your mouth with smoke and blow it out and not inhale.

Good luck and vinegar works really good for the messes.

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