My chihuahua mix is acting really scared all of a sudden

My dog is all of a sudden afraid to leave my side and is acting like he's seeing things around the house and is terrified. He is normally a very independant dog so it seems like he's almost senial. This happens from time to time. He is around 3 years old and a very active chihuahua mix. I'm wondering why he does this? It is very scary for me to watch him "freak out" like this. It normally only last about a day but this time it's been about 2 days.

Asked by Rookie on Jun 3rd 2009 Tagged scared, freakingout, seeingthings in Health & Wellness
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You mentioned on your profile page that your dog is cross-eyed. Have you taken him to a vet or any eye doctor to check this out? Could be that his eyes are bothering him or he is having trouble seeing. Other than that, is there anything that is going on right before he freaks out? Something could be scaring him that you're not taking note of. Also, don't panic or get scared about it, you need to be calm and in control for your dog's sake. He can feed off this negative energy and it could make his situation worse. Try to see a vet for his eyes and be aware of what happens right before he freaks out, maybe it's because of something you can control.

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