My Chihuahua is a very picky eater. Why is she just picking only a few of her dry food pieces?

She will only eat a couple pieces of her food. She will eat all of it, only after she has eaten certian ones. Why is she doing this?

Asked by Member 780175 on Dec 18th 2008 in Other Food & Nutrition
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Small dogs are pretty well known for being picky eaters. I have some dogs that eat like I haven't fed them in days, and others that do just what you describe. Sergeant, actually, will eat from ONE side of the bowl first, and will then move to the other side, and after he is finished with his food, he will eat his supplements - he always eats in the same way - always. One of my rescues will eat her food in lines, from the part of the bowl closest to her up, and then start again at the bottom and continue. Dogs are creatures of habit, so this is something that your dog has developed that she is comfortable with. As long as she is eating all of her food, do not be worried. This is more of a behavioral thing, I would say, than anything else.

Sergeant answered on Dec 18th.

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This answer is going to sound horrid, but I think you may gain something from reading it.

If your chihuahua has ever had an ear infection, or has soft stools, there is a problem with the food. You may be feeding your chihuahua dead chihuahuas.

There is a site called, and I don't know who funds it. It seems to be a good site to learn from. Type in reviews, your dog food brand, and read. You may be supprised at what goes into the food.

Another site, dog food dangers, I am not sure about. It appears to possibly be a site for profit. You may consider taking what they say with a grain of salt.

DIFFERENT FOOD COLORINGS HAVE DIFFERENT CHEMICALS, and your dog is eating the least toxic food first!

Find a different diet, and possibly have a more healthy companion.

Member 760938 answered on 12/18/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I agree, if it's a cheap food you may want to switch.
You can also try maybe mixing a dab of wet canned food in. If you heat up the wet food it will smell "better" and thus entice the dog to eat it even more. You can also try maybe soaking the kibble in a bit of broth to even, add some more flavor to mostly "bland" dry dog food, or try pumpkin, yogurt, peanut butter... anything to entice the dog to WANT to eat all of it not just certain pieces that may smell better or worse.

Stormy answered on 12/19/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer