My chihuahua has a broken leg and was referred for surgery. What can I expect?

My 8 year old chihuahua broke her right front leg just above the wrist back on January 5. She has been in a splint for the past 9 weeks now with weekly bandage changes and x-rays every 3 weeks. There has been almost no progress in healing at all and our vet has lost hope that it will heal. She has referred us to a specialist for surgical repair and we have an consult appt with them tomorrow. I talked to another vet just to get a second opinion and he agrees that this is the best course of action to stabilize the leg. He said they will likely use a bone plate. I know this is not a cheap surgery and that is certainly going to be a problem but I will figure it out I guess. Don't have a choice really. So my question is... assuming they do go ahead and do this surgery, what can I expect as far as recovery time, level of activity after recovery... will she need physical therapy? I know very little about this unfortunately. Thank you.

Asked by Member 89911 on Mar 4th 2013 Tagged fracture, dog, chihuahua in Other Health & Wellness
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Your vet can probably answer most of your questions.

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