My boxer QWIN is 5. Last Sat. she started acting totally different, no playing, not interested in toys or treats. As so

Asked by Member 1194074 on Oct 12th 2013 in Health & Wellness
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Pineapple Smushface

Is your dog eating, drinking and pooping? If not, these are signs of an ailment and you should bring her into the vet to be looked at. If her health seems to be okay, analyze the past two weeks and try to find what caused a change in her behavior. Did a new pet or baby enter the home? Did she breathe in pesticides or eat a rodent? Was she in a fight or altercation with another dog? Could someone have been rough with her, such as a child or relative who is not fond of dogs? Once you have ruled out health issues, you will be able to deal with the behavioral aspects of her problem, and find a way to change them. Usually, patience and love bring dogs back to their happy place. ^_^

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