My Beagle puppy chews and eats everything.

My 3month old Beagle litterally eats anything he can get.He has ate underwear, socks, and even shirts.He will pull clothing out of the laundry basket through the holes in the side.I know puppys chew on things, its part of the teething, but how do I stop him from eatting clothes.I bought him rawhide bones and he loves them but he still wants to eat clothing items and other stuff.

Asked by Member 1057749 on Sep 21st 2011 in Swallowing Foreign Objects
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It's probably that the material of the clothing is softer, and able to settle down between his teeth better, and massage the gums.

Try buying some softer toys for him to chew on, and put things you don't want him to chew, out of his reach.

This activity may continue, until he has all his adult teeth in.

SNEAKERS answered on 9/21/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

☮ Oakley ☮

As puppies both of my girls enjoyed the Orka Puppy stages toys found at Petsmart/Co. Also Nylabones are a favorite in this house.

Please be very wary of rawhide chews. They can be very hard for dogs to digest and can cause blockages, especially if they get them often or for puppies. An alternative to rawhides is bully sticks. All time favorite in this house!

If your looking for some cheap, soothing toys try wetting a cloth and freezing it. Puppies love chewing that and soothes their gums. Kongs filled with peanut butter or yogurt then put in the freezer is a good distraction.

What you want to do is redirect your little pup to another toy instead of the clothes. As soon as he starts chewing at something he isn't suppose to, bring him to the middle of the room and make his toys or whatever distraction way more exciting.

You won't Always be able to have time to play and distract him, so when you can't watch him it's best to put him in a crate or closed off area with a kong, toys,etc

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