My 6 month old sheltie eats cat poo every day. We have 2cats so that's 4 helpings a day. Can't stand it anymore. Help

We have two outdoor cats and our Puppy eats their poop twice a day--thats 4 helpings a day. Sometimes our puppy eats his own poo too. We can barely stand to be around him. We tried the packets of powder that the vet gave us to feed the cats but it didnt work. Is there something else we can try? We're desperate.

Asked by Member 1103581 on Apr 1st 2012 Tagged dog, eatingcatpoop in Coprophagy (Stool Eating)
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All 3 of mine had same problem... thankfully the only cat that goes outside manages to bury his messes, but our other cat wasn't that way...
I found some inexpensive stool-eating preventing supplements that i gave to the cats, they helped... but ultimately it was catching the dog in the act, and making sure all kitty-surprise was cleaned up whenever possible.
She should hopefully not do it nearly as much as she matures though. Be sure to brush her teeth regularly too.... my dogs managed to give me wet slimy stinky kisses in the face RIGHT after eating it... not a pleasant experience... especially when you wipe your face off & find little brown bits..... :S

Good luck. :)

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Charlie Brown Cocoa Puffs

mmmmmmmmm, almond rocca.

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