my 4 month old puppy nuala just peed on me ! how can i train her properly? by her peeing on me is that her dominating me

hi i got puppy about 2 weeks ago off someone i know so she had seen me before and she wasent scared for me to take her home and she was a bit nippy and she had little accidents but we have stopped her from biting now but she was still having the odd accident but it always had a reason for it like(she had poo'd on the mat so their was no room to pee) but she was lying up on the couch with me playing behind me then she lay across me as she dose when she gets tired but this time i felt something warm on my back and she had peed on me i was shocked and she know she had done wrong because when i had jumped up and said to my mum we tured to her and she was sat in the corner with big puppie eyes i am just shocked and don't know if their was a reason for it (puppies have accident on the floor but its a bit shocking she done it on the couch and on me) please help??
before she came to us she was locked in a cage or she was thrown out the back garden and never aloud to played with anyone

Asked by Member 1129307 on Sep 4th 2012 in Methods of Training
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OK..relax, it has zero to do with dominance & everything to do with being a puppy.
I never use pee pads when i housetrain. I expect my dogs to go outside..always! By giving them a spot to do it inside, it can confuse them.
Take her outside every hour, plus as soon as she wakes up, when she has been playing for awhile, and about 15-20 minutes after she eats or drinks.
Crate her when you can not watch her. Tether her to you when you are home.
When you take her out, go directly to the spot you want her to use. Wait, & when she goes, celebrate like crazy!
Never punish for accidents..they are YOUR fault for not noticing her signs. If she is circling, or sniffing, pick her up & out you go. Clean any mistakes with an enzyme based cleaner to remove any odor.
Be patient. Some dogs get it right away, others take weeks.

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i have done everything you have just said !(we watch her if shes sniffing or walking round in circles or if shes being quiet in the other room) but when she peed on me their was no signs she just did it :s
we have been told to mop up places she has done her business in the house with washing powder in the water
any other useful tips would be great

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Gray Dawn Treader

I'd have her checked out by the vet for a urinary tract infection.

Gray Dawn Treader answered on 9/4/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer


How old is she? Puppies under 12 weeks of age do not have full control over their bladders. Perhaps she was just tired and then had to go pee, and didn't realize what was happening.

I am confident it had nothing to do with dominance.

Because she was locked outside, she probably has had no idea of where peeing is appropriate. Don't scold her for peeing inside, and praise her for going outside.

Just keep it up. Once housetraining is done, it's usually done for good. It can be exhausting but keep it up!

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