My 4 Month old GSD puppy doesn't know to jump.

My 4 month Old GSD male puppy (Active and friendly with all people), knows to jump down from his bed but he doesn't know to jump again on his bed, so I need to carry him on lap to his bed. The bed is just 24 inch in height and my puppy is 15 inch in height. Is there anything that I can teach my puppy how to jump on his bed ? plz help

Asked by Member 1091592 on Feb 21st 2012 Tagged gsd, puppy, jump, training in Jumping Up
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A four month old GSD should NOT be expected to be jumping up onto anything over 6 to 8 inches.
He is a baby and his muscles and joints are not formed enough for that kind of stress. Even jumping down is putting way too much stress on his joints as well.
Would you be expecting a 6 or 8 months old human baby to jump up and off furniture without getting hurt??? Your dog's bones and joints are at about the same stage of development.
Please do some reading on bone and joint and muscle development and give your baby a chance to grow up before subjecting him to this type of stress.

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