My 3 year old McNab/Kelpie female has stiff back legs when she goes up or down the stairs.

The legs do not bend and are splayed apart when Grace goes up or down the stairs or just walks around the house. When she sits, one leg goes off to the side of her. She has been doing this off & on for a year. Lately she has wet the floor at night which is unusual for her. She also seems especially stiff and has trouble with the stairs having to hop to get up or down them. She runs with her sister in the vineyard each day and seems to enjoy going on her walk. She has been thirsty lately also. I have not seem a vet yet.

Asked by Grace on Jun 28th 2012 in Arthritis
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This seem to me a case of Leptospirosis,which is a bacterial infection. Lack of appetite, frequent urnination and thirst are some symptoms of it. You should visit a vet before the problem becomes very serious.

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