Lily CGC, passed away 11/24/11

My 2 yr old dog is going blind from juvenile cataracts and is behaving fearfully. How do I best help her through this?

For a while now she has been acting more agitated. She will bark at nothing and run around the house as if she is looking for something, often while growling. Sometimes she runs into the bedroom and barks at the window. When she does stuff like this my husband and I will go to her and try to reassure her. We at least touch her so she knows we're there. Then she'll follow us away calmly enough, but I want to get her to the point where she's not freaking out so often. My dog is also deaf, so if anydog has any reason to be afraid of losing her sight it would be her. We keep things picked up and haven't changed the layout of our home, so nothing has suddenly changed on her except her range of vision. Thank you for any advice.

Asked by Lily CGC, passed away 11/24/11 on Oct 19th 2007 Tagged blindcataracts in Other Health & Wellness
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Beauregard Jackson 1st

I don't have an answer, but I support you and this wonderful little girl. Talk to your vet. God Bless.

Beauregard Jackson 1st answered on 10/19/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


hi,im ranis mom,my rani,a half breed jap spitz has a condition called GLAUCOMA,if untreated,she might become blind too,this condition is common amon poped eyed breeds like your lily and my rani,shes now taking medications and its healing pretty well,what i can say is,there are lots of medicines known and given for cataracts in the human world,so i was thinking, maybe they could give some for lily,to slow down the process of becoming mature,and they have surgeries for those,w/c are always successsful,but thats in the human world,so...u gota nquire more about her case.Pls be strong and have faith,shes gona be ok with your love,thank god she has your love and support.its not hopeless, go to ask your vet so they can or maybe refer you to human opthalmologist.go go go

rani answered on 10/19/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Why must your dog go blind with cataracts? My pup developed very aggressive catarcts at the age of 2 and within weeks she had them removed. Although her eyesight will never be as good as it was originally, she can see just fine. The procedure is a little costly but, at two years of age and the fact that Lily is already deaf, wouldn't you want to save her vision for her benefit considering that she has many more years ahead of her?! Get a referal from your vet to see an opthamolagist...the procedure is quite simple and will be of great benefit in the long run.

About the barking at dog acted the same way with the cataracts...her vision was so poor all she could see was light and dark so she was scared....her only way to let us know was to bark or run away. Simple things like a tree may seem very scary to a blind dog so, be supportive and reassuring and patient with her.

Member 423453 answered on 10/20/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer