My 1 month old puppy has yellow snot coming out of his nose but no fever . .. is this infection?

Hi all, this is kinda long but please bare with me I am looking for some advice!

My brothers coonhound had a litter of 8 on Feb. 17. A week ago he brought me the runt of the litter because the mother was rejecting him and he needed to be hand fed and my brother didn't have the time or the patience to do it.

I have never hand raised a puppy before but he told me what to do. He gave me some evaporated goats milk and I found a recipe online for a puppy formula from

Anyways, I fed him 2-3 ounces every three hours for the first three days. Since I was given him I noticed he was getting the formula down the wrong windpipe because he would suck on the bottle too fast. I would stop when I noticed this and 'burp' him until the noise cleared up.

The fourth night I noticed he was sneezing out milky snot and he had a bit of diarrhea. I was worried that he was getting sick so I took him to the vet first thing the next morning.

At the vet he

Asked by moose on Mar 19th 2010 in Illness & Disease
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Oh, boy. You have a tiny puppy on your hands and I think you're right to be worried. I'd get a second opinion on what he's coughing up. It's hard to tell, is he actually coughing it up, or regurgitating it, through his nose or mouth?

There are some people here who have a lot of newborn puppy experience and I hope they will come along and help you out. I have very limited hands-on experience with puppies this age.

If this were my pup, I'd be taking him to a second vet. The biggest reason I say this is actually because you mentioned you're not liking the vet and you have to listen to your gut. Two things will happen with a second opinion: 1) you get a different answer with a different option to care for the puppy's symptoms or 2) they will agree and you can feel reassured you're doing the right thing.

As for the goat's milk, it's my understanding that you can feed them this as a substitute but feeding it straight isn't usually how it's done.

I may be wrong about that.

Good luck!

Jack answered on 3/19/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I've bottle fed 4 kittens from 2 weeks old, not the same as puppies but still..

I'd really try uh.. PMR? Puppy Milk Replacer? (I'm not sure if its called that, I fed the kittens KMR, Kitten Milk Replacer. Its made by PetAg)
I'm sure it will work a lot better for the pup.
As for him sucking too fast, get another nipple and make the hole smaller and told him back a little. Make sure to also take it away about every 20 seconds so he can breathe. They'll make milk bubbles out their nose if they need some normally (but I wouldn't let it get that far.)

Also make sure he has a temperature controlled room as they can't regulate their body heat very well and normally rely on mama for being warm. You can also start trying to wean him off and he might do better going at his own pace. Good luck!

Member 937711 answered on 3/20/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Hi. I have experienced the same problems you are having. I am not familiar with the puppy formula you are using, but Walmart now carries one called Born Free and I actually prefer the ingredients over the long time favorite, Esbilac.
When the baby eats too fast it is pretty common for the formula to get into the lungs rather than the stomach. I usually turn the pup head down and carefully and gently shake it to help remove that formula, and I also wipe it's nose.
The loose stool is most likely from him eating too much, especially since he was not getting enough from his mom.
Since he is old enough now, I would definitely stop giving him the bottle and start giving him a gruel made from ground puppy food (grind in your blender, OR let it sit in hot water until softened, about 4 hours or so) and mix that with your formula. He shouldn't have any problem lapping that out of a saucer. Keep an eye on the snot... he could have (out of space, pawmail me, please!!!!)

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Take him to the vet. And since his immune system is down now the dog can get other infectious diseases.
It is an infection and sounds like distemper.
He could be appearing to get liquid down his windpipe wrong because the virus is in his lungs and his lungs are filled with fluids.
I highly recommend this dog get to the vets before it is too late.
Distemper is airborne.
Your statement got cut off.

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