My 18 month, large xbreed dog is a rescue from Spain. He's been until recently very friendly with other dogs.

He is neutered. He has a lovely temperament with people.
When we first got him we had some teething problems as he barged into our little 12 year old Lhasa apso Sparky when we took them out,running into him & knocking him over. He learnt this was not acceptable & they were soon ok together.The problem started a few weeks ago while out walking with a friend & her dogs. Her temperamental collie snapped at Darcy and they started fighting. He marked her quite badly. Last week he attacked sparky indoors. Sparky got squashed & bitten which caused an abscess & is now being treated by vet. Yesterday he met a doggy friend over the field, ran over, did the submissive & waggy tail & then lunged and knocked her to floor. She was not hurt as it was all over quickly. Today I walked him with a submissive soft labrador who he's been friends with & walking with since I got him. Halfway through the walk he attacked her & has hurt her. I am very upset & dont know why this is happening. Please help!

Asked by Member 1171232 on May 20th 2013 in Aggression
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