My 15lb JackChi jumps from my barstool onto my kitchen counters while I'm out of the house, even if there's no food/tras

I cannot simply close my dog off from the kitchen. I live in an open floor-plan apartment.

I don't want to have to crate him for long periods of time (ie. while I'm at school for max 4 hours).

I'm fairly certain he has separation anxiety.

Asked by Member 1105846 on Apr 14th 2012 Tagged jumpingcountertrainingunmonitoredkitchentrashfood in Behavior & Training
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Well you could turn the stool upside down and stick it on top of the counter so he can't get onto it to leap onto the counters. Cut off any access he has to the counters (move the stools, chairs, tables far enough away so he can't make it from them onto the counter. I would tire him out with lots of exercise before you go so he will sleep while you are gone. Give him a special chew toy that he only gets while you are out like a stuffed Kong. Desensitize him to your comings and goings by doing things like getting your keys, opening and shutting the doors, getting your stuff for school, coat... a lot.. Do it so much that he doesn't worry about it and thinks you will be back in a second (which of course you will be) Build up the time you are gone from him.. from a second to say.. 5 hrs.. Ignore him 15 mins before you go and 15 mins after you get back (basically no huge greetings and loving sessions)

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