My 13 year old female Sheltie won't stop licking and chewing herself.

My 13 year old female Sheltie won't stop licking and chewing herself. One "Hot Spot" on her front right paw is now an open wound and I am concerned about infection and complications. The vet has provided topicals and sprays that do little or nothing to heal, and prevent the behavior that causes her to keep licking herself. The Elizabethan Collar has also been tried, but drove my dog and us crazy! I have recently read about two products I am thinking of trying. One is "Anti-LickStrip Prevent" from The other is "Stoplik" Lick Deterrent from I'd like to get some consensus on these two products from those who have used them before I purchase either. And any other ideas that work, including SAFE home remedy solutions. Thanks. Glenn. (Sophie's owner.)

Asked by Sophie on Mar 19th 2012 in Chewing
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try bitter apple it is to stop them from licking or chewing it is to have a very bad taste. My sister used it on her dogs. I reckon it can get it at petsmart.

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Starbutt answered on 3/19/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Things like bitter apple and chew deterrents will only make the poor dog MORE frustrated and will not address the root of the problem, which is WHY she is that itchy.
I would return to the vet and attempt to determine the cause of her itching... then you can set about curing it rather than just covering it up. Has she been checked for food allergies or environmental allergies. Perhaps it is time to visit a canine dermatologist to figure out the real issue with her skin.
Imagine if you had a terrible itch and everytime you tried to scratch it, you burned your fingers. That is what using something like a chew deterrent is like to a dog...doesn't help the itch at all, and only burns their mouth like crazy!

Member 641257 answered on 3/19/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Is she chewing/licking from allergies or boredom? If it's allergies you may need to look into her food if it's a year-round issue, or if it is environmental and only happens in the spring just keeping it cleaned out and treated is the best you can do. Do make sure she is getting plenty of exercise in case boredom brings on the chewing/licking or adds to it.
As for treatment, a fantastic product I use is PETfection Hot Spots/Wound Spray. It is 100% Organic and Non Toxic. You can spray it on her spot daily or as needed. With my dog it started scabbing over within a couple days. They also have a Paw Cream you can apply too. This is thicker than the spray and also works really well. I like that they don't contain chemicals that can be ingested. I find these products to work better than a lot of stuff the vet ever gave me. I hope this helps and she is feeling better soon!!

Wyatt answered on 3/20/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer