Moms dog is suddenly jumping the fence! Help!

Okay I need advice for my moms dog. He is a perfect dog! Very well balanced always playful and respectful and obedient. He is very sweet! We all love him very much! But suddenly a week or two ago he started jumping the fence every single day! Sometimes twice a day. We have had to put him on a long chain because he is a pitbull and people tend to have the wrong impression over these dogs. But we dont want to keep him on a chain as it is not a good life for a dog to have. So we bought the supplies to heighten the fence. But my question is why is he doing this all of the sudden? Is it a behavioral problem? We take him on walks all the time. He is inside and outside dog. I can't see what is wrong with him. He is a part of my family and I would hate to see something bad happen to him. Any advice? 

Asked by Member 1132976 on Sep 27th 2012 Tagged dog, jumpingfence in Other Behavior & Training
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i know most dogs dont even know they have the ability to jump fences and once they learn that, they keep doing it...if your dog gets lots of walks then it is probably better to have him tied while he is in the yard..being tied would be better then getting hit by a car! thats for sure

Mika answered on 9/27/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


When I was a kid we had a dog that would not stay in the yard. We had to resort to an electric wire along the top of the fence to keep him in. We were afraid he'd get hit by a car. It worked. good Luck!

Koby answered on 9/27/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Well now the dog knows they can get over the fence, so they are just doing it because they are bored, or something is causing them to want to leave. When my dog jumped the fence , all I did was run a single wire about 6 inches over the fence. The dog would hit that wire and would then think they could not jump it anymore. It was a cheap way and it worked. May be worth a try.

Seth answered on 9/28/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Charlie Brown Cocoa Puffs

if he's not fixed he could be looking for a girlfriend. they can smell a female in heat up to a mile away. however, usually once a dog figures out it can jump a fence and go play and have great fun knocking over garbage cans and such, they will continue to do so. you may not like a chain. but it's better then it getting hit or labeled as often pits do. another suggestion other then a chain would be a cable runner. all it takes is 2 trees and right around 30 bucks and 15 minutes to put up. i'll gladly send you a materials list that you can get at ur local hardware store if you'd like. being a powerfull breed i would stay away from the cable runners in the pet stores wich are primarily designed for small dogs. good luck

Charlie Brown Cocoa Puffs answered on 11/22/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer