Malamute puppy extremely shy/scared

I got my gorgeous malamute baby girl about four days ago. She was born on Oct 17. Ever since she's gotten here she's acted so scared/shy. Whenever anyone comes outside she runs and hides, when we pick her up to pet her she tries her best to get away. She'll sit in her dog house and won't let anyone near her. I took her down to the backyard to run and play and gave her her toys and all she did was hide behind the a/c and under it. If anyone makes any noise or moves she'll jump like she is just terrified of people. Is this normal?

Asked by Member 1145079 on Dec 13th 2012 Tagged scared, shy in Socialization
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It is normal for a pup who has not been socialized! I'm not sure what type of breeder she came from, but she SHOULD HAVE been well socialized prior to leaving her litter.
On the other hand, imagine you have been living comfortably with your Mom and littermates and suddenly you find yourself stuck outside in a dog house...pretty terrifying, huh?
Why can't she be in the house where she can become accustomed to the hustle and bustle and people moving around? Without some better human contact she will remain scared and undersocialized.
You have had her for less than a week and she will need time to adjust to you, but now is the time for you to be taking her places and having her meet people and other things, especially since it appears she was not properly socialized at her breeders. Go slowly, offer lots of treats and praise and make it a goal to meet someone/something new every day!

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oh my..when i read your post i related with it sooo much..i got lyla my shih tzu (who is now turning 5)when she was a pup she was terrified of everything..i would put her on the floor and she would freze in that position untill i picked her up and put her in her crate..i felt soo sad for her...the vet told me she was a puppy mill pup..had no social skills ..i was so angry at the guy who lied to me took her a long time to come she is great...she would pee everytime someone would go to pet her for the first 6 months..she didnt even take a step for way over a week..she is my baby..and i love her to pieces..give her time she probably was abused and sheltered...she will learn to trust you..take it slow with her ..dont let too many people approch her till shes more comfortable...goodluck....

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