Lump on Gum?

Our dog has a small lump on his lower gum, toward the back of his mouth. I took him to the vet, who said it's most likely an "epulid" and benign, but to be sure we'd need to sedate him, remove it, and biopsy it.

It hasn't been there long (definitely less than a month), and I wonder if there's a chance it could have come from him & the puppy playing - maybe the puppy stuck a foot in his mouth and it hurt JD's gum, and now it's healing??? (The vet said maybe and gave us an antibiotic, we're watching it to see what happens.)

Am I just being hopeful? Has anyone had this happen - do they ever go away, or should I expect to have to have him sedated?

(Oh, when I researched these it said they tend to be in older dogs and boxers... he's only 3 and not a boxer... part of why I'm hoping it's just an injury.)

Thanks - yes, I'm a very worried mom.

Asked by JD on Jul 18th 2008 Tagged lump, cyst, mouth, epulid in Health & Wellness
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I recently had a benign growth removed from my "lip." As you are doing with JD, mom monitored the growth closely. She noticed it was growing and changed color. Mom immediately took me to the vet. She decided to have it biopsied to be on the safe side.

Mom use the antibiotic and think positive! If there is no change then be prepared to have it surgically removed.

You're a good mom JD is lucky!


Spencer answered on 7/18/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer