Looking at Catahoula puppies. Good family pet?

Found some info online that is worrisome. Can this breed be a good family pet, or is the breed naturally overly energetic and destructive? I found a site that said a catahoula will "eat your home" and "won't let you forget that you got a dog." I want to play an active role in training/raising a dog, but I work full time and don't want to get in over my head with any dog. I think these dogs have a unique look and sound like they have a nice temperament, I just want some feedback/opinion on if it will be a good fit.

Asked by Member 1094932 on Feb 24th 2012 Tagged breed, catahoula, puppy, choosing in Breeds
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Bruno CGC

Whether or not a 'houla is a good family dog all depends on what kind of family... if you are very house-proud and have a lot of expensive knickknacks.. wimpy about training, or are couch potatoes who think a walk around the block or a few ball throws in the yard is sufficient exercise... 'houlas are probably a terrible choice.

If you jog an hour every morning, your idea of a fun weekend involves marathons or rock-climbing, you're already experienced in training driven, assertive working breeds, and open to re-decorating your house... then 'houlas could be the best breed for you.

If you just think blue-eyed merles are pretty... get a show-type Collie or Great Dane. Same coat pattern, way more mellow. Here is a list of breeds that are known to come in merle:

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'Houlas are a powerful dog..very serious & NEED a job...not just fetching your slippers. These dogs excel at feral hog hunting...tracking, baying, catching & holding until the hunter can kill the hog...some of which weigh over 500 lbs! This is NOT a casual lie around the house, wait for you to come home, take him for an hour walk on a leash, then expect him to chill out kind of dog. I would NOT recommend them for a family pet..unless you live on a farm/acreage & can devote TONS of time on training & exercise. They have massive amounts of energy & an independent streak...tough as nails. The info you are reading is quite accurate. Please research further before you make your decision.

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I have 5 Catahoulas currently. Are they good family pets? Depends on your family - Catahoulas are WORKING dogs,require a job, and if they don't have one, then, yes, they will eat your house. Yes, they are beautiful, but that is NOT a good reason to get one - they are known for same sex aggression, extreme intelligence and independence, and have no problem hunting and killing small "varmints" around your place - which may include things you don't consider varmints. That's what Catahoulas are bred for - they HUNT, and have the guts to take on something 10 times there size. Also, if you want a dog that lives to work for YOU, a Catahoula is not a good choice - they live to work, period, and that calls for independent decision making - so if you want a dog that waits breathlessly to respond to your slightest wish when trained - that's NOT a Catahoula. :) Catahoulas are also very protective, and will do so, no questions asked. Hopefully this info will help you in making your decision. :)

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