lm going crazy trying to find out what's wrong with my dog

Hi...I'm new here and just learning how to navigate this site. In fact, I've written this pretty lengthy post several times, only to have it not post. For some reason or another.

Anyway, I have a 4yr old Blue Merle Great Dane. He has not been doing well for over 5 weeks. I will start at the beginning.

He had a restless night where he kept coming to me as if he was trying to tell me something. Panting, pacing, and acting like he needed something, even though he was fed and walked and had water. The next morning he appeared to be feeling better. I took him out to potty in my front yard where the lawn mower service had just shortly before that came through and cut the grass. He sniffed the grass and started to have a fit of reverse sneezing, his nose running watery discharge like a faucet. I stroked his throat and it eventually slowed down...and then stopped. I will continue on the next post because this is pretty lengthy

Asked by Blue on Sep 7th 2013 in Health & Wellness
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Ask this question in the Dogster Dog Health Forum, you will get a ton of answers -

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