Jack Russel with bad eye, PLEASE HELP!

My friends Jack Russel has a swollen red eye. The only discomfort is that it is ichy but other than that the dog is fine. They have soaked a cotton wool bud with warm water and wiped her eye. They relly cant take it to the vets as, long story cut short, the daughter has got the car and the dogs mummy does not know where the vet is as it has allways been the daughters job to take them...... if that makes sense! The daughter gets home next week. has anyone got any tips or home remadys as that would really help. i'm only basing this on brief info that I got today! PLEASE HELP

Asked by Willow on Jul 16th 2008 Tagged jackrussel, eye, itchy, urgent, novet, vet, friend in Alternative Treatments
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