I've been doing research on Frontline, advantage, and k9 advantix flea and tick medications and have found that the acti

I have 2 questions. I've been doing research on Frontline, advantage, and k9 advantix flea and tick medications and the all in one meds that control flea along with worms like revolution & and advantage multi have found that the active ingredients(pesticides) Imidaclopid,permetherine, fibronil and s-methoprene ect ... have shown to be cariogenic in studies. I don't really want to put these chemicals on my puppy so can anyone offer a natural alternative that works? If using these products is the best option is there any real difference between the more expensive ones and the products made by Sargent (Sentry brand), Zodiac and Hartz. These brands have a pesticide as its active ingredient but just a different type in its once a month treatment.
Second question is the store bought heart worm control tablets just as good as Advantage multi and revolution. I'm not trying to take care of my pup on the cheap but its like generic med vs name brand.

Asked by Member 711330 on Aug 20th 2008 Tagged flea, ticks, advantage, frontline, kadvantix in Flea & Tick Prevention
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There are natural products that will prevent fleas and ticks from bothering your pets. One product that we use is the BugBand brand pump spray. This is safe to use on animals and uses natural oils to keep bugs away. It is something you would have to apply before going outside each time, though. They also make granules and what not to treat flower beds, yards, bedding, etc.

There is a huge difference between the vet brands and brands such as Sargent and Hartz (I believe those two are actually the same company). Hartz products are downright dangerous, having caused chemical burns, and even death in many cats and dogs. There is a website at where people whose animals were harmed by these products share their stories.

There are no "store bought" heartworm preventives, only the "brand name" ones - Heartguard, etc. The "wormer" you see in stores does not do the same thing. However, you can use Ivomec liquid (sold for cattle) to prevent heartworm.

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Please, Please whatever you do dont make the mistake I did. I normally use frontline but ran out and was at PetSmart and bought Sentry Pro XFC. Within 6hrs my dog was going crazy, licking the air, couldnt sick still, he was running around mad, then within an hour of him starting to act this way he had 2 seizures. Rushed him to the vet where he was bathed and a cath put in him to wash out system. 3 days later his hair began to fall out he was shaved and has SEVERE chemical burns all down his back and neck it is awful to look at, a week has gone by and he still twitches and jumps like he's being bitten and wont quit licking the air, and his paws, I'm hoping this will go away since now his muzzle is chapped, blistered and raw.. I have cried every day for putting my little guy through this I should've researched & when I did I was shocked what I found about this product on the internet. I will NEVER put another thing on him, & wish that I knew then what I know now. Please do not use these

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Mickey Looney

I recently had a bad bout with Fleas and a trip to our Vet. He pointed out that where I live (Florida) the flea problem is more difficult that it was in our prior State (NJ) since we now do not have any freezing weather to interfere with the flea I'd start with a review of your location to assess how to treat it.

For Florida our Vet recommends Revolution as it also includes heart worm protection but also is proven to handle the heavy flea problem in our area.

Prior to the Vet visit we tried Frontline and once Zodiac, but neither really worked for me (or my sister the evil Cat).

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K-10 Von Canein

I don't think it is good to put anything down the dogs throat or on it's skin that is a carciogen or a pesticide. Our dog has never had a flea problem or a tic problem, and goes to different farms or houses with different pets nearly every day. What we have done is added a natural ingredient (in small quantities) ((garlic)) to the diet. This builds up in the dogs system and fleas won't like it, nor will tics. We use real garlic, ground fine and mixed with his raw food. Nearly every year here in Colorado there is an outbreak of bubonic plague, transmitted by fleas from prairie dogs. I trust nothing but the best, garlic.
The above site will confirm the safety of this food, as well as flea elimination!

Here is a place that sells natural, safe heart worm meds.

This should answer it all!

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