Is there Sundown Syndrome in dogs?

My 2-1/2 yr. male terrier mix has started becoming agitated, and runs in circles, until exhausted. We have to put him in his kennel for an hour to chill. He gets adequate exercise, eats well, plays normal during the day. Should we try herbal calming remedies, or something else?

Asked by Member 840705 on May 28th 2009 in Behavior & Training
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I think alot of terriers spin like that.
It is best to break the at first funny activity.
It might be using a clicker then when he gets startled and stops, feed him immediately and then praise, try to walk away and let him follow you.
Do this repeatly, or use what works best a horn, or a bottle of pebbles, coins for the distraction tool.
Feed and praise when he exhibits the behavior you desire which would be not to spin.:) Might have to do this daily til he gets in the swing of things, but don't give up.
Later find mental games like find the yummy under one of 4 plastic cups or hide and go seek. Dogs love that as well.

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