Is strawberry yogurt ok for dogs?

My dog likes strawberries and yogurt, but is strawberry yogurt ok for dogs too? Does it have any additives instead of just strawberry?

Asked by Member 1119130 on Jul 5th 2012 Tagged dog, yogurt, strawberry, additives, flavor, is, ok, for, dogs in Treats
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Bruno CGC

You can obviously read the ingredient list. I would stay away from low-carb or sugar free flavored yogurts, they may contain artificial sweeteners that can make dogs sick.

Ordinary strawberry yogurt contains a lot of sugar, which of course is not good for dogs. But in small amounts as an occasional treat I'm sure it's fine.

Bruno CGC answered on Jul 6th.

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I've fed my dog yogurt before and he hasnt had any issues, but my dog doesnt have any allergies with dairy products, so be careful and don't give him much(unless you already know he doesnt have allergies). strawberries are fine. for additives, look on the side of the container and it should list ingredients.

Carter answered on 7/5/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer