Is none aggressive jumping at a dog park (9 pound poodle mix at

I'm about to take my newly adopted dog (had her about 2 months) to a local "small dog park." She's a 9 pound poodle mix. She loves to jump around with other dogs. Her best dog friend at the moment is a little bigger than her and a Maltese poodle mix, they jump and chase, jump and chase, everybody is happy. I wouldn't let her jump on another dog while we were walking on a leash, but at the dog park, the dogs are there to play, right? She never shows any aggressive behavior (no growling, barking, biting, teeth showing). I just don't know the jumping around etiquette.

Asked by Emily on Sep 28th 2012 Tagged dogparks, smalldogs, jumping in Socialization
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Some dogs love jump and chase games, some dogs just want to plod along and investigate smells, some dogs just like to chase other dogs that are playing without getting involved themselves, some dogs like to bark at dogs playing, some like to just sit around in the shade and survey their kingdom.
I don't think there's any real etiquette. As long as your dog can take social cues from the other dogs it'll be fine. They'll let her know if they're into it, or if they don't like it.

Chase answered on 9/29/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

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I agree with the other poster. I used to take Koby to the dog park when he was younger. I would sit outside the gate and observe the interactions between the dogs before we went in. If there were any problem dogs playing around I would leave. If the dogs were playing in an acceptable way with no problems, then I would go in. If anyone came in, while we were there, with a problem dog that displayed any kind of dominate behavior or aggression, I would leave. The dog park can be a very good experience for dogs. You just have to be aware of anyone who brings in a dog that will cause problems. Good Luck and I hope she has fun! :)

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