Is my puppy a pit bull?

I adopted my little girl from our shelter. The other pups had been taken to rescue but of course possible pit mixes are left behind. I do not mind either way if she is a pit, as i am hoping she is b/c i have read some great things about them (and i have small kids so the "nanny dog" is a plus) and just want to make sure so i know how to train her right and also can do more research into the breed as to how big and health problems.
Thank you! oh and shes only about 7 weeks old

For pics go to

Asked by Member 999541 on Aug 5th 2010 Tagged pitbull, puppy, breeds, pics, info, pit, mixbreed in American Pit Bull Terrier
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Woofie  1988 - 2001

She looks like a Pit or Pit mix. She is very cute.
Training the breed is important. Choose a trainer that uses positive training. If they suggest Alpha rolls or any type of force, walk away, find a better trainer.

Gentle methods, create gentle dogs.
While they can be wonderful family pets, they are also capable of causing great harm. They seem to cause harm when with other dogs, so keep her as an only dog.

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