Is my pup to small?

I havea gsd female who is about 8 1/2 months old now. I'm worried about her growth she's about 2 feet tall to the head and weighs 43 pounds. The vet said that she is very small for her age. We just started feeding blue buffalo puppy chow to her yesterday. She eats all her food too. She's really skinny to.She gained about 6 pounds since last month. She's from german bloodlines and I read that they r usually smaller than American bloodlines? Can someone please tell me if this is normal?

Asked by Lucy on Feb 1st 2013 in Food & Nutrition
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Just to let you know breed standard for a female GSD is about 55lbs so her weight seems ok. She may be a bit small but small females are not unheard of. Your vet has probably seen a lot of 'old style' american line breeding and they are usually really oversized.
I would talk to the breeder if you are concerned. If you got her from even a halfway decent breeder they should be familiar with acceptable growth and knowledgeable about sizes within your pups specific line.
Also will advise that I have had/heard of issues with GSDs on BB food so you might want to keep an eye on that.
Good luck

Sabi answered on 2/1/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer