Is my pomeranian a purebred? she's not as fluffy as the pictures I've seen.

Asked by Roxy on Apr 17th 2011 in Pomeranian
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Your pom is a baby! It takes up to two years for a full Pomeranian coat to develop. She currently has her puppy coat which she will shed out as the adult coat develops.
Coat fullness and length is also dependent on genetics, if she comes from parents with full coats she will be more likely to have a thick, full coat.
Assuming you purchased her from a responsible breeder and you saw her parents and other relatives you can likely know that she will have a coat like they do. If her parents have thin, sparse coats she will most likely inherit that coat type.
Be careful what you wish for, BOL! A full pom coat can be difficult to keep from matting, especially during yearly sheds. Begin now to get her accustomed to daily brushing while it is still thinner and shorter.

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