Is my husky unhappy?

I just adopted a 6yr old Husky from the pound, all he seems to do is sleep when we are inside. We have taken him to the park and out on walks and he loves being outside. I am worried he is unhappy or bored since he is inside when we are at work, and even if we are home he just lays next to us and sleeps. We bought him some toys but he is uninterested. He hasn't chewed anything, no destructive behavior, so I am wondering since he is older if he is happy sleeping and maybe just a very relaxed husky. So I guess I am he unhappy or is this normal for a huskt his age?

Asked by Member 1155860 on Feb 18th 2013 Tagged husky, siberianhuskyactivity, unhappy, adoption, rescure in Breeds
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I doubt he's unhappy, though you should expect some bumps in the road as he transitions to his new home. He's probably just thrilled to be out of the shelter and tired because he's finally able to relax. Some dogs don't like toys, mine among them, particularly as they get older. Your 6 year old dog is like a person in his or her 50s: still with plenty of spunk, but also needs some time to unwind. I bet he loves spending time with you, and will probably be more comfortable being affectionate as you all get to know each other better. Huskies are pretty vocal, so when he needs something, he'll be pretty likely to tell you about it.

Libby answered on 2/18/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I agree with Libby.
I have 2 Huskies and one is crazy and never stops BOL and the other is quite content laying beside us and just chillin' for the day. Of course she loves play time outside and things like that but when we first got her she was not into toys at all!!! We went through so many different types of toys before we found things that she likes. Try different things, but at the same time just know, as Libby said he needs time to adjust to his new home.
The toys we found that mine liked are stuffing free toys with squeakers in them....she loves them, except her main objective is to tear out the squeaker, luckily they dont cost much and we go through a lot of them. Also she likes stuffed animals but be careful with those, when the stuffing starts to come out you have to ditch them...good luck!

Mika answered on 2/18/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer