Is my dog losing it's mind?

My dog is an 10 year old chow/finnish spitz mix. She has been acting out the last month. Unusual behavior when I am not around. I left her in the back of my truck and she broke out the window and her teeth marks were all over the canopy fiberglass. A couple weeks later she was inside the truck and bit the doors, wrecking them and tearing the seat apart. She has acted strange like this before a couple years ago (jumping head first into a fence, chewing the bottom of a door apart) She has been licking her lips alot too since the first attack. My vet suggested putting her on mood altering medications??

Asked by Member 1012504 on Nov 18th 2010 Tagged mind, abandonmentissues, depression, freakingout in Health & Wellness
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Mischief BN

i'm not a vet, but this looks like separation anxiety to me... i would use a kennel inside your truck if possible, if you must leave her in the car (which you should never do if it's above 65 F outside, please be very careful with that, in some warmer states it's even illegal).

if she's destructive at home, try to read up on separation anxiety. the basics would be: don't make a big deal of leaving. occasionally just "get ready to leave" (put shoes on, grab keys), and then don't go anywhere. also occasionally leave and them come right back. also be sure she gets plenty of exercise before you leave her when you have to.

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