Is Izzy pregnant? Help

I got izzy 3 weeks ago, her stomach is hard,her boobs are gettin bigger, i think, she wont let anyone besides me touch her stomach, I took her for an ultrasound, they said she wasnt, but the vet told me it mite still be too early to tell. I really want to find out because i dont want her going into labor without me there, and her having complications or something. Shes been sleeping alot. And i think she was recently in heat. the previous only had two males that could get to her. Please email me at housea52@yahoo.com if you can help me.

Asked by Izzy on Oct 20th 2011 in Pregnancy
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The purpose of this Forum, is to "share" information. I suppose you were unaware of that, asking that your answers be EMailed to you !?

The symptoms you describe are not always in indication of Pregnancy. Surely, the Vet gave you a time frame, where you should return for additional tests to validate her condition.
Follow her/his instructions.

SNEAKERS answered on 10/20/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer