Is it true that there is no licenses for groomers? If so I can buy a grooming DVD and learn by it to groom my dog?

Why? Because I've had some bad times in a lot of grooming places. One of the times, was when I took her to get groomed and before I had brushed her out and checked for ticks, she has almost white hair and she was cleaned of ticks, when I went to pick her up, he told me he had found ticks and gave her a dip, I paid the ex. $10.00, but I was sure, that there was something wrong, next month I took her again, and she had none, strange, huh. but when I got to my job with her, my co-workers came to pet her, and when her ears turn up she had over 5 or more ticks in her ears. she smelled great looked clean. Its like at the end he spilled a jar of ticks on her. Next day I went to claim, I was upset, and walked straight to the back and opened the door( he never lets customer see behind the door) I was in shock, didn't say anything, I saw lots of cages all lined up, some with dogs in them, and I understood, if a dog with ticks is next to mine, the ticks just climb over to there new home my dog.

Asked by Daisy on Jan 26th 2010 in Professional Grooming
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We find ticks on lots of dogs whose owners SWEAR they don't have any... we check the dog over in front of the owner before we put it in a kennel. If the tick is engorged, it has obviously NOT just jumped on your dog... it takes hours for that to happen. We have had dogs come here right from the vets where they were told the dog had NO fleas or ticks and have found them on that dog, while the owner was still holding the dog. Obviously they did not come from another dog!

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Of course you can groom your dog! That's what I have done. I looked around the internet for a good DVD. Be careful, there are probably a lot of bad DVDs out there. Check YouTube too. You can also search the internet for diagrams and websites that will help you learn.
Don't scrimp on the cost of your tools. Get the best you can afford. It will save on frustration later.

I know a lot of Dogster owners who have learned and are grooming their own dogs. You can do it!

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Get another groomer and trim your dog in between visits. I just don't go back to the groomer if I am unhappy or I think my dog has not been treated right. I had a groomer pull off a small matt after I had told him to just shave it off. It left a dime size very red, raw spot. I was not happy and never went back again. Can you use frontline or one of those products? I hate using them, but I do starting in the spring, but only every other month. My maltese seems to attrack tics...we pretty much stay out of the woods, never go near pine trees etc. He only uses the tree belt and he had 2 tics this past season. I was shocked. In the summer, I have Chaz cut pretty short and that helps. Easier to keep clean and easier to spot tics. Good Luck.

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It's possible she got ticks from being at the groomer, especially if you take her on walks in areas that are you absolutely sure are tick free. But dogs do get ticks. It does happen. To have that many right after a grooming is unusual and seems to be from the groomer, I agree.

I'm most concerned about the fact that your groomer doesn't let people see behind a door like that. This is a huge red flag something is wrong there.

I would definitely not take her back there. You might even want to contact your local business licensing agent (usually at your local city hall) and let them know you don't feel the business is sanitary. You don't need a grooming license in some states, but you almost always need a business license to groom other dogs for profit.

You could certainly groom Daisy on your own, or find a new place to take her.

Good luck!

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to own a grooming shop or salon you must have lisence in your city and have a permit. to operate a dog grooming salon
and second to become a groomer thay have to go to dog grooming school and get certified with certicate saying this person is able to groom all breeds with this completed coarse. you can learn or own a grooming shop unless you know and went to school for it. by waching a tape on it will not help one be a salon owner nor a certified groomer.

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