Is it safe to put garlic in my dogs food, I heard it keeps fleas and ticks off but is it okay for there tummies?

I have been adding powdered garlic into every few meals and it has been keeping fleas and ticks off, but I heard garlic is not good for dogs and that it is good for them from different resources.

Asked by Bully on Oct 8th 2008 in Other Food & Nutrition
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Shadow NPC, MDM

It is actually the green part of fresh garlic that CAN be toxic. My two labs (one is 100lbs and one is 80lbs) each get about 1/2 TBLS of air dried garlic that I get from www.springtimeinc.com daily and I have not seen a flea or tick all season - we live in WI. Their coats are also super shiny and I've hear that it is wonderful for their immune systems as well.
Hope this helps!

Shadow NPC, MDM answered on Oct 9th.

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