Is it safe to give my puppy turkey pepperoni as a treat? The vet said pepperoni was okay, but can turkey harm him?

The breeder mentioned that he liked pepperoni, so I asked the vet if it was okay to use as a treat and she said it was fine in small amounts. Instead of regular pepperoni I bought him turkey pepperoni because turkey is a leaner meat, but now I'm worried that turkey may cause pancreatitis, especially in miniature schnauzers.

Asked by Member 1007176 on Oct 9th 2010 in Treats
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It should be fine, as a treat, in small amounts. You could also just cook a turkey breast, cut into small pieces & keep it in the freezer. That way you have a handy supply with no additives.

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Turkey is probably a leaner meat than is used in regular pepperoni which is probably a mix of pork and beef.
Yes, please be careful about pancreatitis. One of my Dogster pals was told by her vet that four out of ten Animals that get pancreatitis are Mini Schnauzers!
Another pal ate 3 McDonalds french fries and got it.
Why don't you create a page for your pup? Then you can join a great group Schnauzers Rule

We are always barking at that group! We would love to have you join us!

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sometimes additives, chemicals, salt and other things like pepper can make them get dirrehea.
I think if you want to give a basic treat, I bake or fry up a huge beef patty for treats. I let it cool, then cut up in big squares and let it stand for another 30-1 hrs. for a healthy reward. You can use cube steak which is cheap and do the same. It beats risking upset tummies for jerky we eat or pepperoni/ pastrami.

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Remember moderation is key.

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