Is it okay to be a little mad when my friends feed my dog food from the table?

I am against feeding Shadow from the table. I always have been so my mom doesn't get mad at him for begging. I have never fed Shadow from the table. I have fed him some left over food from dinner that I know is okay for him to eat, but when I do this I feed it to him from his bowl after dinner. Recently I have taken Shadow to my friends house so he could hang out with her dog. When it came to dinner time she took some of the food from the table and fed it to him without thinking it could be dangerous for him to eat. I was speechless and I did not know whether it was ok to be a little mad at my friend for doing this or if I am just being to worried about this whole "feeding from table" thing. Does anyone know if it is alright for me to get a little mad and what I should say to my friends that does not come across mean? I appreciate all the thoughts and ideas! Thank you!

Asked by Member 1004976 on Nov 9th 2011 Tagged shadow, tables, food, mad, toxic, cholate in House Soiling
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He's at your friend's houses, not your house. However, to stop this from happening say "he's allergic to a lot of foods", "he's on a diet", "he can't have people food", or "he can't have food from the table because he starts to beg and I don't want him to become a beggar." I know what you mean, I rarely feed my dog's people food and when I do it's usually a piece of fruit (bananas are their favorite) but my parents fed them people food even though I told them not to and now my dogs are HUGE beggars but they've gotten better since I stopped everyone from feeding them table scraps.

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It is totally OK to be mad!! It does not matter if it is your friend's house...he is YOUR dog. Explain nicely that you do not feed from the table at all & that you need to know what food he is getting fed. You could also smile, hand her a poop bag & tell her "come by tomorrow morning & you can pick up his poop!" I also have 1 friend that will sneak food to the dogs (she also has a dog) & I just tell her "make sure to bring me a coffee & you bring a big bag"

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Gray Dawn Treader

Nope. If it bothers you, you need to tell him. Of course, in a nice way. If I were in your shoes, I'd just tell him that I don't want my dog to get into the habit of begging. Printing out a list of foods that dogs shouldn't eat and showing it to him might be a good idea as well.

Some lists have some things listed as no-nos that are okay, even very healthy foods for dogs, but for the most part they're accurate.

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I do not let anyone give my dogs anything unless i check it out first. Just tell them the dogs are on a special diet , and you do not want to do anything to screw it up. You can do this in a way that does not sound bad. They are your dogs , you should have the say in what they eat.

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