Is it ok to give a puppy cat food?

my 8 weeks old puppy wasnt eating the puppy food and I tried the wiskers with gravy cat food one day and she ate it... was told that cat food is just like dog food but just has more proteins.if this is bad, what else can I try. Ive already tried the wet puppy and (dry with water) . Ive mixed both wet and dry... and NOTHING! I tried the cat food and surprisingly, she ate it!!!

Asked by Lyric on Sep 9th 2008 Tagged catfood, puppy in Food & Nutrition
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No it is not ok.

Here are some quality foods. Wiskers is not even a quality cat product let alone good for dogs. I hope you don't feed it to your cat.

Here is a short list.

Quality foods:
Innova-meat and quality grains, California Natural-simple ingredient food for sensitivities, EVO-grain free, Karma-95% organic; all made by Natura-

Wellness-meat and quality grains with several formulas, Wellness Core-grain free; made by Old Mother Hubbard-

Orijen-all grain free with several formulas; made by Champion

Canidae- are meat and grain-

Merrick-meat and grain, Merrick Before Grain-grain free-

Artemis-meat and grain with a variety of formulas-

Taste of the Wild-grain free-

Nature's Variety- Raw frozen diet- offering chicken, beef, lamb, venison, rabbit, and organic chicken, Instinct-grain free, Prairie-meat and quality grains-

Solid Gold-Barking at the Moon-grain free, several other formulas with meat and grains-

Now!-grain free, Go!-quality meat and grains and grain free formulas; all made by Petcurean-

Eagle Pack Pack Holistic-meat and quality grains, Eagle Pack-meat and low quality grains including corn-

Timberwolf-grain free and meat and grain formulas-

AvoDerm-meat and quality grains, Pinnacle Holistic-meat and quality grains, allergen free; all made by Breeders Choice- www.breeders

Fromm-grain free formula-

Rookie answered on Sep 9th.

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Cookies 'n' Creme (1998-2011)

No, cats have different nutritional needs than dogs, therefore cat food is not nutritionally complete for dogs.
There are many high quality dog food brands such as Solid Gold and Taste of the Wild out there to try

Cookies 'n' Creme (1998-2011) answered on 9/9/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Not a good idea to feed your puppy cat food. It has higher proteins and taurine in it. Wellness has a great puppy food.

Jax answered on 9/9/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Absolutely not. Cat food is much too high in protein to feed to a dog and can make your puppy very sick with diarrhea which can lead to serious dehydration and other issues.

You said your puppy is 8 weeks old. Did you just get him today or a couple of days ago? If so, it is not at all unusual for a young pup separated from its litter to not eat well the first couple of days, especially if you're not feeding the same the breeder fed or are feeding on a different schedule.

Call your breeder and ask what they were feeding and try that. If that does not work, try adding warm chicken broth or put the dog dish with the dry kibble into the microwave for 15 seconds (careful - it STINKS). This will give it a strong smell which will entice puppy to eat.

Abby answered on 9/9/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Do not feed your pup cat food!...Dogs & cats have completely different nutritional needs!
Everyone gave great answers here!

Member 73926 answered on 9/9/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer