is it normal for an old dog to slow down on drinking his water, they need 2 full cups of water daily to do feces.

could it be the start of crf. hes old.

Asked by Member 1176977 on Aug 20th 2013 in Illness & Disease
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Normally, CRF causes the opposite, a major INCREASE in the amount of water they drink, as well as the amount of urine they produce.
There should be no reason for an older dog to drink less unless maybe he has a bad tooth or teeth and the cold water hurts when he tries to drink, however I would expect you would also see the same when he eats.
I don't know where you got your two cups per day... it would certainly have to depend on the size of the dog since two cups for one of my tiny toy poodles would be way, way too much and it wouldn't be nearly enough for my large Labrador, who currently in the middle of Summer is now drinking about four QUARTS each day, more on days when he is really active.
If you are worried about your dog not drinking enough you can add water to his food and make it soupy. That is a great way to increase fluid intake in any age dog.

Member 641257 answered on 8/20/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

Tasha (in memory)

Sometimes animals, just like people, do not drink as much as they should. Besides supplementing your dog's diet with wet senior food, try an automatic swirling waterer. Tasha likes Nutro Senior turkey and rice by Natural Choice cans, and Ultra senior cans also. I put one swirling water fountain by K&H upstairs for my 14-year-old to drink more, and it has been an incredible success. They are all slurping from it now, pretty much all day long! ^_^

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