Is it cancer?

I have a 10-year old Springer Spaniel who had a benign fatty tumor removed from her side in October. While she was down, we had her teeth cleaned. Coincidentally or not, she has been declining ever since then. Last month we noticed she was lethargic and not eating her dog food. Her stool was runny and bloody and she has been drooling a thick drool from the side of her mouth. We took her to the vet for testing and they determined that it was not worms or a stroke, among a slew of other things from bloodwork. We have been cooking her chicken, rice, steak, eggs, but she has either eaten none of it or very little. Her stools were no longer bloody or runny, but tonight her drool is pink with blood. We are taking her to the vet tomorrow with a stool sample, but I was wondering if this sounds familiar to anyone out there...Thanks for any light that you can shed on this. We are wondering if it is cancer...?

Asked by Member 936032 on Jan 5th 2010 in Cancer
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