Goose, Gander, Duke, and Shani

Is duke fitting in?

About a week ago we were asked to take in a great dane for a family member who could no longer care for him. Having 2 of our own and a chow wolf hybrid, we said sure.
So came Duke, he's a fantastic dog shy at first but he's realy beginning to come out of his shell.
Anyways 3 problems have arose that I'd like some help with.
First he wont eat hardly a thing,I have tried anything I could think of to tempt him, and I was warned he is a picky eater. He's 106 vs. My boy 146 and they are a month apart and a yr old. And during feeding time there is a lot of fightin, and before Duke there wasnt any.
Second he has become territorial against my boy about the female dane. Duke doest want my boy and girl to play or be around one another, though my boy doesnt care I dont like the aggression from Duke.
And lastly my chow gurl doesnt like Duke to be around me, or for me to pet or play with Duke. She likes Duke and I see them playing during the day but she doesnt like the combo of me and him.

Asked by Goose, Gander, Duke, and Shani on Feb 25th 2013 in Behavior & Training
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