Is a good quality,balanced canned dog food just as healty as kibble?

One week ago we adopted a beautiful one year old Beagle/Dachound mix. 20 pounds of pure love, and we want to keep her that way.At the shelter they eat whatever dry dog food is donated,so of course some of it is not a very good quality. She was first found with sever mange,and of course because of it and a constant variety of kibble, her coat is very dry. We give her one Omega 3 each morning and a 1/2 tsp of pure olive oil at night to help skin. Of course she has to wear a cone to keep her from chewing. We bought a very good quality kibble for her, and because her coat is so bad,we add a little Iams canned to it. Now she spits out the kibble and just eats the canned. Is it healty to just give a dog canned food as long as it has everything they need for good health? At bedtime she gets a denti-stix to clean her teeth, and we also brush her teeth at bedtime. We want to do what is right

Asked by Member 994506 on Jun 28th 2010 Tagged cannedfoodversuskibble in Food & Nutrition
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ALL dog foods are formulated to the same AAFCO standards and contain all the nutrients dogs are know to need. The more expensive ones may have a greater safety margin on some. There is no proof of that and none of the rating systems are based on any data on how well dogs do on a food. It is all speculation based on the ingredients. It is like judging a car by the steel, aluminum, glass, and copper used to build it. Most dogs will thrive on most foods, but no one diet is right for all dogs.

Dry foods will help keep the teeth clean for dogs that actually chew it. I am not sure how important it is now, but virtually all the brands of canned foods were recalled, but none of the common brands of kibble were.

As for not eating the kibble, read through what I have posted at Ignore all the 100% fact free material those with some other agenda added. None of it belonged in a thread about maintaining a healthy weight.

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Cookies 'n' Creme (1998-2011)

Actually, I feel that a canned diet is healthier. It's more natural and it tends to contain more meat than kibble.

What makes a particular food more superior is not the nutrients, since they all contain the same nutrients, BUT HOW DIGESTIBLE THE INGREDIENTS ARE. (Caps used for emphacis (sp).) If the dog cannot digest an ingredient in the food, the nutrients within that ingredient mean diddly squat.
As carnivores, dogs were designed to digest meat, bone, and organ. (Which is why I prefer a well-balanced homeprepared diet for dogs in general.) Therefore they get the best nutrience from a meat-based diet.
We have proof that dogs can and do survive and maintain "normal health" on basiclly any food, but as someone who has seen both of her dogs experienceg greater health from a meat-based diet and knows others who can say the same for their pets I strongly question that "normal health" is actually thriving.

And actually the common brands of kibble have been recalled, along with many other brands. Including higher quality brands. I've addressed this claim before. All you've got to do is some research.

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I really don't want to start the debate on which dog food is best, BUT I would suggest one of the higher quality dog food like Wellness or Orijen (both come canned). Both have a good percent of omega3 which help the condition of coat and skin. Less corn and more proten which will improve the overall health of your pup. Also, my pup LOVES bullysticks, which also not only keep your pup busy but help keep his teeth in good condition. Goodluck!

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Kibble and good canned food are both fine to feed your dog. I wouldn't suggest feeding Iams canned food, however. Iams has a lot of meat by-prodcuts, which is not healthy for dogs. I suggest you stick with Nature's Variety or Orijen canned dog food.

You can also do a rotation feed. Instead of feeding canned and kibble mixed together, you can give canned one night, and kibble the next since she is only eating the canned food.

It sounds like you are taking very good care of this dog. You can feed just canned food. It is healthy, but rotation feeds are suggested. Good luck with your new pooch!

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Canned food is just as healthy as dry kibble. I give both my dogs canned Ultra. You can find it at TSC, Petsmart, and Petcos. Its a holistic dog food that doesn't contain any ground yellow corn, artificial colors or preservatives, or chicken by-product meal. The food has three protein sources so that it is rich in protein as well as added ingredients that are high in antioxidants. I would also recommend greenies to help keep her teeth nice and clean. One a day keeps teeth cleanings away! BOL.
Their website is:

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