Is a golden retriever the right dog for me?

My mum and I are looking for a puppy for me for Christmas and I have been in LOVE with golden retrievers for quite some time now. I have a small backyard as we are on a 500 square meter block. I would be away for quite a lot of the day as I have school and so does my sister and mum has work. But I would be able to take it on a run in the morning for an hour and go down to the oval. It would have food, water, toys and a kiddy pool (maybe) for hot days. It would stay outside just until school finished and then I would take it on a really long walk for one and a half hours or more to the oval again or the park and through town. It would stay inside when we were home and sleep inside too. I have researched them HEAPS and know the training requirement, exercise needs and temperament and everything but my main concern is for the dog. I need to know from people who have owned golden retrievers or own one if this is the right breed for me and my family (there is 3 of us - all girls) Thank you.

Asked by Member 1145663 on Dec 18th 2012 Tagged goldenretriever, breed, choosing, dog in Breeds
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Kali earned her wings 10/21/14

I would not leave a puppy outside. It would be ok, when he/she got older. There are too many things that can happen to a pup. You might try getting a crate to use while the pup is young. That way it will be confined in the house while everyone is away. Please bear in mind that dogs are very social animals. While it sounds like you did your homework, I would be concerned about how much total time you have for this pup. How many hours a day would it be alone? In general, small pups should be fed 2 or 3 times a day. How many hours will it go before it can have a potty break? You might consider a friend or a dog walker to come in and let it out once or twice a day. Otherwise, good luck if you do choose to get a pup.

Kali earned her wings 10/21/14 answered on 12/18/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I also would never leave a puppy outside without someone there to watch them. There are many things that could happen. Also, what would happen if a rain storm was to come up and everyone was gone.It may be fine after the puppy hasn been around for awhile to have a way for him to get outside. But he needs some kind of protection and should not be left outside.

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A puppy should ideally be brought home during the Summer when school is off and someone is home to train and care for him.
Puppies aren't like cats who can pretty much fend for themselves when left alone, a puppy needs pretty constant attention and training, just like a human baby.
NO young puppy can spend more than two or three hours alone in a crate without being let out to pee and poop and PLAY. Not only will the pup have to mess in its crate, but it will also be terribly bored and lonely and likely to develop undesirable behaviors if it spends too much time sitting in a crate.
On the other hand, leaving it loose outside is certainly NOT ACCEPTABLE, in addition to the risk of it being stolen there is also the risk of injury or even death due to ingesting foreign objects, predators, etc. Not to mention, with no one to guide his training all day he will likely be very difficult to live with.
Please do some more research and reconsider the life of the puppy. Time spent is critica

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You should definetly not get a puppy at this time. Puppies are a lot of work and need to be cared for and have company almost all day. Leaving it outside is not even an option. It's easy to fall in love with a particular breed, and it sound like you've don your homework, but you also might like to consider a smaller breed. Puppies need to be fed at certain times throughout the day. You can't just leave a bowl of foodnfornthe, whenever they please. They need to have company to develop bonds, in order to properly train them.have a talk with your mum to see if you could delay getting a puppy so you can provide it with its needs. Do you have a friend or know someone who owns a puppy? Maybe go spend a day with them. You'll soon realise the effort that's put into raising a puppy. From feeding to toilet training and beahiavour.

Hope we helped
India and Holly xx

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